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Summer Beach Rental Tips

Summer Beach Rental Tips

Take food with you! Beverages and food costs usually end up being the second most expensive part in any vacation, so if you book a vacation rental with a partial or whole kitchen you will be well on your way to saving some money. You and your family can cook your meals at home and then use the extra money on your holiday.

Make sure you book your beach house early! Keep in mind that occupancy at vacation rentals is limited and sometimes renters only rent for a few months a year depending on the weather and season. Be prepared and ready to book as soon as you know where you want to go.

Research about the beach house you are interested in. Ask any questions that might come to mind before you arrive at the beach house. You will want to be sure everything is clear before you arrive at your summer rental and it will prevent misunderstandings with the rental manager.

Be flexible! You may not get your chosen date for your beach house, so it is good to be truly flexible and pick a few different dates beforehand. This way, you can guarantee a rental slot at some point in the summer. Also, be open to the idea that you might not get a monthly rental and may only get 2 to 4 weeks in the beach house.

Be prepared! Remember to take everything you will want for these weeks or months. You won't be able to just drive home in 15 minutes most likely, so take your activity gear, sports gear and water games. Also take clothing that can cover every type of weather. Even though the weather at the beach is usually warm, it can get cold by the ocean or sea at night time.

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Strongly Recommend This Home! We were one of the first families to stay in this lovely home after renovation. We booked without seeing pictures, trusting Margot's recommendation and were more than happy with the results. The zoned bedrooms are perfect for families with teenagers. We loved the location- close to the beach walkover, tennis courts, and general store- and being right on the lagoon was awesome! We spent hours in the private pool, and cooked most of our meals at the outdoor kitchen. Strongly recommend this home, and we hope to visit again soon.
The Hester's - New Port Springs


4 Roma Ct
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928