Hilton Head Island Rentals and Absentee Homeowner Services

Rental Agreement



THIS AGREEMENT is entered into between (“Renter”) and BeachBum Property Management, LLC (“Agent”).


(a)       Renter agrees to rent from Agent a privately owned home located at Hilton Head Island, SC (“Premises”), for a period beginning at 4:00PM on Reservation Arrival Date through 10:00AM Reservation Departure Date (”Rental Term”). 

(b)     Prompt check-out is required in order for the Premises to be properly cleaned for the next renter.  If Renter checks out late without prior authorization, Renter will be liable for $100 Service Charge per hour.  Early check-ins are not permitted unless permission is granted by the Agent in advance.

RENT:  Renter agrees to pay Rent in the amount of  Reservation Total Charges including taxes and fees.


(a)       Upon receipt of Renter’s verbal confirmation of intent to rent the Premises for the Term, Agent will hold the Property in reserve for 24 hours pending Agent’s receipt of an e-mail confirmation from Renter. 

(b)     Upon receipt of Renter’s e-mail confirmation of intent to rent the Premises for the Term, Agent will hold the Property in reserve for seven (7) days pending Agent’s receipt of the following documents from Renter:

1.      Signed copy of this Agreement (last two signature pages is fine);

2.      A Reservation Deposit check in amount of 50% of the Rent made out to “BeachBum Property Management”; (OR Total Reservation Charges if booking is within 60 days of arrival). Other payment options include Paypal - please use jb@beachbum-rentals.com - and Visa, MC or Discover by calling 843-247-4814.

(If you paid by credit card through Homeaway or VRBO you only need to send the rental agreement.)

These items must be received within 7 days from date of e-mail confirmation at the following address:

Jim and Margot BrownBeachBum Property Management4 Roma CourtHilton Head Island,SC  29928

Upon receipt of the documents, this Agreement shall be in force and effect.


(a)         Renter shall pay the balance of the Rent on or before such date which is 60 days in advance of the first day of the Rental Termfailure to pay the Rent will be considered cancellation with less than 60 days notice. 

(b)       All payments must be made through personal check, cashiers check, money order, or PayPal (use jb@beachbum-rentals.com to make a PayPal transfer).  If the Renter’s check does not clear, the reservation will be cancelled, the Reservation Deposit and Damage Deposit will be forfeited, and Renter will be charged a $50 Administrative Fee.  


(a)        Renter may cancel this Agreement upon written notice up until such date which is 60 days in advance of the first day of the Rental Term. Notice of cancellation must be made to BeachBum Property Management by email to jb@beachbum-rentals.com.  In the event of such cancellation, Agent will return the Reservation Deposit and Damage Deposit to Renter.

(b)        If Renter cancels the Agreement less than 60 days in advance of the first day of the Rental Term and Agent is able to rent the Premises for the Rental Term with no time or revenue lost, then the Reservation Deposit will be refunded less a $75 Administrative Fee. 

(c)         If Renter cancels the Agreement less than 60 days in advance of the first day of the Rental Term and Agent is not able to rent the Premises for the Rental Term with no time or revenue lost, then Renter will forfeit the Reservation Deposit.

(d)         If the Renter does not arrive or leaves early, the Renter is responsible for the entire Rent for the full Rental Term.

(e)         If official hurricane evacuation orders are issued, the Renter may (at Agent’s sole and absolute discretion) be released from this Agreement, the Rent will be pro-rated, and (assuming other conditions of this Agreement are met) any Rent in excess of such pro-rated amount will be refunded to Renter. 

(f)           Agent reserves the right to cancel this agreement in the event of an emergency or unforeseen event.

(g)          Reservation fee is non-refundable in any cancellation no matter the date.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS: The Premises is to be occupied by no more persons than the unit sleeps during the Rental Term. If this number is exceeded, this contract will be considered null and void and all fees paid will be forfeited.

NOT ALLOWED:  Smoking is not allowed.  Loud parties or other disturbances are not allowed. No illegal substances are allowed on the property.  Violation of the above will be grounds for Agent to evict Renter from the Premises and Renter will forfeit all Rent.

PET POLICY (For Pet Friendly Homes Only):  Pets may be considered at the discretion of the Agent.  An additional fee of $150 per Pet may be charged. Dogs must be older than 1 year and be on maintenance treatment for flea prevention.  Renter is responsible for cleaning up after the Pet in and around the Premises and disposing of waste properly. Renter is responsible for any property damage caused by the Pet.

SEA PINES HOMES: One Sea Pines car pass will be provided for each rental.  Additional passes can be requested at an additional cost of $20/week.


(a)        A set of House Rules are attached, by signing this Agreement the Renter agrees to observe these rules and are responsible that other tenants and guests also follows the rules. Renter agrees to abide by any rules in the Owner Manual located in the Premises.

(b)      The Agent and the owner of the Premises (“Owner”) shall have the right of access to the Premises during the Rental Term at any reasonable time for inspections, maintenance, or repairs with at least 24 hours notice.  In an emergency, Agent, Owner, or an agent of either may enter the Premises at any time without securing prior permission from Renter. The house is offered as a Resort Dwelling for short-term rental, and is not subject to the South Carolina Landlord Tenant Statutes.

(c)          Renter may not let, sublet, or assign this Agreement for all or any part of the Premises.

(d)        Renter assumes full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the Agreement for the period stated and assures Agent full recourse for the payment of any amount outstanding from the total amount due in accord with the terms as stated above including any outstanding or unpaid charges that are the responsibility of the Agent.

(e)        A code to open the Premises will be e-mailed to Renter two (2) weeks prior to the start of the Rental Term.  Renter agrees to lock all doors to the Premises upon Renter’s departure.

(f)       POOL HEATING (where applicable):  Renter assumes responsibility for payment of cost to heat the pool (and hot tub where applicable) if requested prior to arrival. The pool is cleaned once a week with an additional cleaning scheduled during the summer season. There will be an additional charge if an extra cleaning is requested by the Renter. 

(g)     POOL WAIVER (where applicable): Renter understands that swimming is an inherently dangerous activity, which can result in illness, serious bodily injury or death.  Renter further understands that all guests being permitted to use the pool/hot tub at the property are aware they are swimming at their own risk.  Renter, on behalf of all occupants of the house and guests, do hereby release and forever discharge the Agent and Owner of said property from and against any and all liability or responsibility for claims, damages, causes of action, or other suits, whether based in law or equity, or in tort or contract for any illness, bodily injury, personal injury, death or as a result of the use of the pool/hot tub or on the premises on which said pool is located. 

DAMAGES:  Renter is responsible for damages to the Premises that occur during the Rental Term that are beyond normal wear and tear.  Examples include damages to furnishings and household items and leaving the Premises abnormally dirty so that it requires excessive cleaning.   The Damage insurance covers up to $1,500 in damages and will be applied against the cost of replacement, repair, or cleaning, any excess will be returned to Renter.  In the event costs exceed the Damage insurance coverage, Renter will be responsible for the excess costs.

WAIVER:  In the event that Agent or Owner is unable to deliver the Premises to the Renter because of fire, eminent domain, act of nature, act of war, or other causes beyond Agent or Owner’s reasonable control, Renter agrees that the sole liability of Agent and Owner is the full refund of all consideration previously paid by Renter pursuant to this Agreement.  Renter releases, indemnifies, and holds Agent and Owner harmless from and against any liability for injury to the person of Renter or to any member of Renter’s household or to anyone on the Premises, whether invited or not invited by Renter, resulting from any cause whatsoever, except only such a personal injury caused by the negligent or intentional acts of Agent or Owner.  Agent or owner will not be liable for any damages to Renter’s property. Renter shall not be entitled to a refund due to unfavorable weather, disruption of utility service (including cable or internet), or malfunctioning equipment after occupancy. 

NOTICES:  Both parties agree to the use of electronic communications in the place of written communications, and to accept electronic communications as binding.

SEEN AND AGREED:  I have read and understand this contract and the attached house rules and agree to all terms. Agent asks for electronic communication to be sent to: jb@beachbum-rentals.com.


CHECK IN/OUT - Check in after 4:00 PM, Check out by 10:00 AM.

PARKING – Please only park in designated parking areas.  Do not park on the grass or yard area.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS - Please call Jim Brown.  I live in the immediate area and will be able to assist should a problem arise. I can be reached at (843) 247-4814. 

SURROUNDINGS:  Please do not fish in the lagoon (unless fishing dock is provided), throw anything in the lagoon, or feed the alligators.


GARBAGE:  Please take the garbage out when you leave and place it in the trash receptacles. Please don’t leave bags of garbage out overnight as raccoons open the bags and spread the trash. Do not leave trash around the home or on the beach.  Please keep door to service yard closed at all times.

KITCHEN:  Please stack and run the dishwasher. That will make it easier and more time efficient for the cleaning crew.

LINENS:  Please leave all towels and linens in the home.  No need to do anything with the towels and linens upon departure. They are taken to an offsite cleaning site for washing.  Please do not leave wet towels on the hard wood floors. Leave dirty towels in the bath tub upon departure.

POOL AREA: Please lower all umbrellas by the pool and secure gate by the pool.

LAGOON:  Please do not fish in the lagoon, throw anything in the lagoon, or feed the alligators.

BIKES: If you rented bikes, just leave them locked up where they were delivered, and the bike company will pick them up.

THERMOSTAT: Please set the heat at 65 degrees or the air conditioner to 75 degrees upon departure (depending upon time of year).

WINDOWS AND DOORS: Close and lock all windows and doors when you leave and be sure the door is locked. Where applicable, please lower the outside table umbrella and secure outside gates.


4 Roma Ct
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928