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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does BeachBum Property Management provide? BeachBum Property Management takes care of every aspect of managing your vacation rental, including photography, marketing, guest interactions, bookings, reservations, payments, check-in/check-out, housekeeping, property upkeep, emergency maintenance, and managing maintenance technicians for regular maintenance, improvements, and emergencies.

2. What is the cost for these services? Industry standard rates run from 20% to 60% but at BeachBum Property Management we charge our owners just 15%.

3. How do I get started? Getting started is easy and risk-free. We can activate existing vacation rentals within a couple of business days, and there are no start-up fees. Activation includes new photos, detailed listings, rate structures, advertising, and beginning to take reservations.

4. Can BeachBum Property Management help convert my home to a vacation rental? Absolutely. We assist with various projects, including setting up phone, cable, internet services, and coordinating with contractors and furniture companies to ensure your property looks great.

5. Do the homes have to be a certain size or quality? Yes, we focus on upper-end rentals in desirable locations, ranging from high-end 1-bedroom villas to large vacation destination homes.

6. Do I have to allow for a certain amount of available weeks? There is no strict requirement. We will work with each individual owner to maximize income while allowing for personal and family use as much as desired.

7. How is pricing set for my rental? Pricing is determined by assessing nearby comparable rentals, availability calendars, and internal data. We monitor and adjust pricing based on actual market demand.

8. Can guests book my property online? Yes, guests can book online, though most start with an email or phone call. The online booking option is available for added convenience. We also advertise on rental websites such as Vrbo, Airbnb and Booking.com to expand our reach.

9. How do you communicate with guests? We communicate through our website, email, and phone, with 24/7 phone support for emergencies. We gather feedback from guests through various channels to allow us to continue to provide the best service and give our owners feedback on improvements to their property.

10. When and how do I get paid as an owner? Owners receive monthly payments, released by the 11th day of the following month, covering all guests who checked in during that month. An owner statement and direct deposit are provided. Owners have access to an owner portal where they can monitor rental activity and book owner stays.

11. What if I already had previous bookings made on my home? Not a problem. We charge a reduced rate if you want us to manage those guests, and we fully manage these bookings, including collections, customer service, and maintenance.

12. Do I have to handle paying any lodging taxes? No, we handle lodging taxes. We collect and remit taxes on your behalf, so there's no need for owners to handle this separately.

13. What about cleaning fees? Departure cleans are incorporated into the guests' reservation. We pay the cleaners directly, and owners don't need to schedule or pay for them separately.

14. Do I need to provide a cleaner? Owners can use their preferred cleaner, or we can provide one from our network. Cleaners follow our standards and are reliable. Our cleaners provide bed linens, bath towels and a starter set of soaps and paper products and launder those items at their facilities.

15. What if I want to do some decorating/remodeling? Owners are encouraged to get involved in decorating and improving their homes. We can assist in connecting owners with licensed contractors and designers.

16. What about regular maintenance? While we handle 24/7 call center, reservation management, and guest support, owners are responsible for regular maintenance costs. We perform simple maintenance during inspections but encourage owners to keep their homes in good condition.

17. What if there is an emergency? Who do the guests call? Guests will always call BeachBum Property Management for emergencies. We take the call and dispatch the appropriate maintenance technician or vendor. We pay the vendor and add the bill to your home owner statement, taking out of the revenue owed to you during the month—that way you don't have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for anything unless it happens to be a major repair. We do charge a small fee for these types of emergencies jobs, generally around $35, but sometimes more if we have to have someone on site for extended periods of time.

Please contact Jim or Margot Brown for more information and to receive a personalized owner plan at 843-247-4814 or jb@beachbum-rentals.com


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